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Physio Treatment

For over 30 years we have been conducting physio treatment and consultation for anything from aches and pains to full injury rehabilitation.

Headache Treatment

Headaches can occur for many reasons. Accurate diagnosis and treatment can lead to relief from, and in some cases cessation of years of debilitating pain.

Sports & Exercise Therapy

Sports and exercise therapy can help to rehabilitate the injury site, and depending on the injury, exercises will be used to promote strength and flexibility.

Dry Needling & Myofascial Treatment

Using very fine needles within, or deep pressures on trigger points, both pain in the location of the trigger point and referred pain can be alleviated.

Spinal Mobilisation

Spinal mobilisation / manipulation is an effective means of restoring or maintaining movement within a joint and can also be used to treat pain.

Hydrotherapy Treatment

Hydrotherapy is used to speed recovery after surgery, work injury and to reduce pain and stress, spasm, and discomfort in all areas of the body.

Active Ageing

We are keen to promote and encourage the community to maintain their fitness and health during the ageing process ‘Active Ageing’.

Other Services

Other services we provide include arthritis care, joint replacement rehabilitation, exercise & gym programs, pre & post natal care. View the full list here.


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